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Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Class: b2.Body


Creates a fixture and attach it to this body. If the density is non-zero, this function automatically
updates the mass of the body. Contacts are not created until the next time step. The fixture definition is given
as a ordinary table. The fields of the fixture definition table are:

  • shape: (b2.Shape) The shape, this must be set.

  • friction: (number) The friction coefficient, usually in the range [0,1].

  • restitution: (number) The restitution (elasticity) usually in the range [0,1].

  • density: (number) The density, usually in kg/m^2.

  • isSensor: (boolean) A sensor shape collects contact information but never generates a collision response.

  • filter: (table) Contact filtering data. The definition of contact filtering data is given at b2.Fixture:setFilterData function.

The unset fields gets default values.

  • Warning: This function is locked during callbacks.

(b2.Fixture) = b2.Body:createFixture(fixtureDef)


fixtureDef: (table)

Return values

Returns (b2.Fixture) The created fixture instance.