Available since: Gideros 2012.2.2
Class: b2.Body


Sets the linear damping of the body.


Damping is used to reduce the world velocity of bodies. Damping differs from friction in that friction only occurs when two surfaces are in contact. Damping is also much cheaper to simulate than friction. Note, however, that damping is not a replacement for friction; the two effects should be used together.

Damping parameters should be between -1 and 1, with 0 meaning no damping, and 1 meaning full damping. We generally do not use linear damping because it makes bodies look floaty.

Damping is approximated for stability and performance. At small damping values the damping effect is mostly independent of the time step. At larger damping values, the damping effect will vary with the time step. This is not an issue if you use a fixed time step (recommended).


linearDamping: (number) new linear damping of the body