Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Class: b2.Body


Creates a fixture and attach it to this body. If the density is non-zero, this function automatically updates the mass of the body. Contacts are not created until the next time step. The fixture definition is given as an ordinary table. The fields of the fixture definition table are:

  • shape: (b2.Shape) the shape, this must be set
  • friction: (number) the friction coefficient, usually in the range [0,1]
  • restitution: (number) the restitution (elasticity) usually in the range [0,1]
  • density: (number) the density, usually in kg/m^2
  • isSensor: (boolean) a sensor shape collects contact information but never generates a collision response
  • filter: (table) contact filtering data. The definition of contact filtering data is given at b2.Fixture:setFilterData function

The unset fields get default values.

(b2.Fixture) = b2.Body:createFixture(fixtureDef)

Warning: this function is locked during callbacks.

Warning: setting the friction a negative value will crash your game.


fixtureDef: (table)

Return values

Returns (b2.Fixture) the created fixture instance


-- the body
self.body = self.world:createBody{type = b2.DYNAMIC_BODY}
self.body:setPosition(params.posx, params.posy)
-- the shape
self.w, self.h = self.bitmap:getWidth(), self.bitmap:getHeight()
local playershape = b2.CircleShape.new(0, 0, self.w) -- (centerx, centery, radius)
self.fixture = self.body:createFixture{
	shape = playershape, density = params.density, restitution = params.restitution, friction = params.friction,