Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Value: touchesEnd
Defined by: Sprite


This event is dispatched when touch is ended. It is possible to generate this event using mouse actions, by enabling this option through project settings.

Modifiers can have values of:


touch.x: (number) x coordinate of the current touch
touch.y: (number) y coordinate of the current touch
touch.rx: (number) unrounded x coordinate of the touch
touch.ry: (number) unrounded y coordinate of the touch
touch.id: (number) the id of current touch. This number is 1 if this is a first touch, 2 if it is a second, etc.
touch.type: (string) input type, possible values: finger, pen, mouse, penTablet
touch.pressure: (number) pressure on screen, 0 if not able to detect
touch.mouseButton: (number) mouse button which triggered this event, if any
touch.modifiers: (number) modifiers present
allTouches: (table) lua table containing previously described touch table with x, y, rx, ry and id properties for all touches that are currently on device