Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Value: touchesCancel
Defined by: Sprite


This event is dispatched when touch is interrupted, for example, by a phone call, or any sort of modal dialog. This event is dispatched only on devices.

Modifiers can have values of:


touch.x: (number) x coordinate of the current touch
touch.y: (number) y coordinate of the current touch
touch.rx: (number) unrounded x coordinate of the touch
touch.ry: (number) unrounded y coordinate of the touch
touch.id: (number) the id of current touch. This number is 1 if this is a first touch, 2 if it is a second, etc.
touch.type: (string) input type, possible values: finger, pen, mouse, penTablet
touch.pressure: (number) pressure on screen, 0 if not able to detect
touch.mouseButton: (number) mouse button which triggered this event, if any
touch.modifiers: (number) modifiers present
allTouches: (table) lua table containing previously described touch table with x, y, rx, ry and id properties for all touches that are currently on device