Available since: Gideros 2020.5
Class: Noise


Gets the noise texture.

(texture) = Noise:getTexture(width,height,[filtering,options])


width: (number) texture width
height: (number) texture height
filtering: (boolean) whether or not the texture is filtered, optional, default = false
options: (table) a table that specifies optional paramaters, optional. The following options are supported:

  • transparentColor: specifies which color stands for transparent, for formats that don't supply an alpha channel such as JPEG
  • wrap: how to treat texels outside the texture. Possible values are Texture.CLAMP and Texture.REPEAT
  • format: the GPU pixel format for the texture
  • extend: whether the texture should be extended to a power of two size. Defaults to true
  • scale: the scale at which this texture was made, if it cannot be determined by a suffix. Defaults to 1

Return values

Returns a Texture object