Tutorial: Making a 2D space shooter game

Hello developer!

In this tutorial, I'll guide you on the process of making a 2D space shooter game with Gideros. I will be focusing on the game itself, meaning it will lack many of those little additions that a player would probably expect: no progression saving, no menus, no leader-board, etc. So don't expect to end up with a game that could sell at the end of this tutorial, but if I am a good enough teacher, you will be able to make more games on your own.

If you read these lines, it means that I am still writing this guide, and it is certainly incomplete. I am writing it online because it allows me to explain things as I code them, and if I ever give up, someone else may want to take over. Until this paragraph is removed, each part of the tutorial can change, so don't try to follow it as I write.

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