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Available since: Gideros 2018.12
Class: Path2D


Compute points location along the path. To do so, the path is converted into a series of straight segments and particular points are sampled along it. The resulting table outputs, for each point, its location (x,y) and its tangent orientation (angle)

(table) = Path2D:getPathPoints(interval,offset,maxpts,flatness,subdiv_limit)


interval: (number) distance between each considered point
offset: (number) distance to first point of interest. Defaults to 0. optional
maxpts: (number) maximum number of points to sample. Defaults to 1000. optional
flatness: (number) maximum acceptable deviation for real curve. Defaults to 1. optional
subdiv_limit: (number) maximum curve subdivision limit. Defaults to 10. optional

Return values

Returns (table) information about selected points