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Available since: Gideros 2018.12
Class: Path2D


Compute points location along the path. To do so, the path is converted into a series of straight segments and particular points are sampled along it. The resulting table outputs, for each point, its location (x,y), its tangent orientation (angle) and its offset from the start of the path (offset).

(table) = Path2D:getPathPoints(interval,offset,maxpts,flatness,subdiv_limit)


interval: (number) distance between each considered point.optional
offset: (number) distance to first point of interest. Defaults to 0. optional
maxpts: (number) maximum number of points to sample. Defaults to 1000. optional
flatness: (number) maximum acceptable deviation for real curve. Defaults to 1. optional
subdiv_limit: (number) maximum curve subdivision limit. Defaults to 10. optional

Return values

Returns (table) information about selected points