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Available since: Gideros 2016.06
Class: Particles


Add a single particle (short form) or several ones (long form) to this particle system.

Short form (single particle): particles:addParticles(x,y,size,angle,ttl)

Extended form: particles:addParticles{particleDesc1,particleDesc2,...,particleDescN}

where particleDescX is a table describing a particle to be added. This table can contain the following parameters:

  • x,y: particle position
  • size: particle size
  • angle: particle orientation
  • color: particle color
  • alpha: particle alpha
  • ttl: time to live, number of frames this particle will stay on screen
  • tag: tag associated with this particle
  • speedX,speedY,speedAngular,speedGrowth: Amount added to x,y,angle and size at the beginning of each frame
  • decay,decayAngular,decayGrowth,decayAlpha: factor applied to speedX and speedY, speedAngular, speedGrowth and alpha at the beginning of each frame
(number or table) = Particles:addParticles(particles)


particles: (table or arguments) table for multiple particles or arguments for single

Return values

Returns (number or table) index or table with indexes of added particles


local stars =
stars:setPosition(64, 64)
stage:addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, function()