Making a Plugin

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Lua based plugins

If your plugin is 100% Lua code then you can easily make it into a plugin.

Just create a folder based on the name of the plugin and add a file (also based on the plugin name) with the extension .gplugin .

The contents of the file should look like this:

<plugin name="My plugin name" description="What my plugin does!">
 <target name="APK,iOS,Html5,WinRT,Windows,MacOSX,Win32"></target>

Also add a sub-folder called 'luaplugin' to your folder, put your Lua files in there. These will be automatically added to a project that adds your plugin. You can run them by using the Lua 'require' command.

You can test them as userplugins (click add plugin, then click user plugins o find where to add them) then possibly submit them using github to include in the distribution. If you do submit them for inclusion then please try make the name of the plugin unique to avoid confusion with other similar plugins - eg don't call it UI, but rather give it a name like razorUI ...

Extend your application with plugins