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The Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio


"The Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio" is Copyright © 2011-2019 by its authors. All rights reserved.

The whole guide can be reproduced in other forms (e.g electronic or written), without permission in writing from the authors, provided that this copyright page remains intact.

You are allowed to reproduce parts of this guide on your web page, or in printed form, provided that you provide a link back to the guide’s web page on (for latest updates).

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for you if you're curious about application programming on mobile devices, particularly interested in rapid mobile application development with a focus on multiplatform paradigms. If you already have some programming experience, you'll see that the Lua language used in Gideros Studio is very easy, and coding a basic skeleton of your application will take days, not weeks.

The Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio will teach you, from day 0, how to program using physics, produce sound using audio libraries, connect to resources on the internet, exploit the capabilities of your device and test your application in under 1 seconds' time.

We believe that having a Lua background is critical to mobile programming using Gideros Studio, therefore we also cover the basics of Lua. This book doesn’t dive into Lua programming but only covers an introduction, since there are a lot of reference manuals and expert-level guides for Lua.

After you finish this guide, you'll be familiar with the most important parts of Gideros Studio, and how to program your own application. We hope that this guide will help smooth the learning way towards making mobile applications with Gideros Studio.


This guide has been written by the following authors:

  • Caroline Begbie
  • Atılım Çetin
  • Görkem Çetin
  • Nathan Doss
  • Michael Hartlef
  • Jayant Varma
  • Deniz A. S. Çetin
  • Anthony Ball

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