Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Class: Application


Returns information about device.

(varies) = application:getDeviceInfo()

  • for iOS, returns 5 values: "iOS", iOS version, device type, user interface idiom and device model
  • for Android, returns 4 values: "Android", Android version, manufacturer and model information
  • for Windows returns 1 value: "Windows"
  • for Mac OS X returns 1 value: "Mac OS"
  • for Win32 returns 1 value: "Win32"
  • for HTML5 returns 2 values: "Web", Browser ID string

Return values

Returns (varies) information about device, returned informations varies depending on platform

iOS values

1st value -> "iOS"
2nd value -> [[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion]
3rd value -> [[UIDevice currentDevice] model]
4th value -> UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM() (as "iPhone" or "iPad")
5th value -> hw.machine.

Here are the possibilities:
iPhone1,1 -> iPhone 1G, M68
iPhone1,2 -> iPhone 3G, N82
iPhone2,1 -> iPhone 3GS, N88
iPhone3,1 -> iPhone 4/AT&T, N89
iPhone3,2 -> iPhone 4/Other Carrier?, ??
iPhone3,3 -> iPhone 4/Verizon, TBD
iPhone4,1 -> (iPhone 4S/GSM), TBD
iPhone4,2 -> (iPhone 4S/CDMA), TBD
iPhone4,3 -> (iPhone 4S/???)
iPhone5,1 -> iPhone Next Gen, TBD
iPhone5,1 -> iPhone Next Gen, TBD
iPhone5,1 -> iPhone Next Gen, TBD

iPod1,1 -> iPod touch 1G, N45
iPod2,1 -> iPod touch 2G, N72
iPod2,2 -> Unknown, ??
iPod3,1 -> iPod touch 3G, N18
iPod4,1 -> iPod touch 4G, N80

iPad1,1 -> iPad 1G, WiFi and 3G, K48
iPad2,1 -> iPad 2G, WiFi, K93
iPad2,2 -> iPad 2G, GSM 3G, K94
iPad2,3 -> iPad 2G, CDMA 3G, K95
iPad3,1 -> (iPad 3G, WiFi)
iPad3,2 -> (iPad 3G, GSM)
iPad3,3 -> (iPad 3G, CDMA)
iPad4,1 -> (iPad 4G, WiFi)
iPad4,2 -> (iPad 4G, GSM)
iPad4,3 -> (iPad 4G, CDMA)

i386, x86_64 -> iPhone Simulator

Android values

1st value -> "Android"
2nd value -> android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT
3rd value -> android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER
4th value -> android.os.Build.MODEL