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Gideros mobile development framework, known as Gideros Studio, is a tool used to create, test and deploy graphically rich games and applications for mobile phones, specifically iPhone, iPad and Android. It provides an intuitive and simple interface for Flash developers with advanced technologies like 2D programming, game physics, accelerometer and such on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Using Gideros Studio is straightforward - No knowledge of C, C++, Objective C, Java, .Net or any other structured, complex programming languages is required. Gideros Studio is extremely easy to use for Flash developers. It benefits from Lua, a very simple scripting language. Moreover the functions used for handling graphics and sound resemble the Flash counterparts, so Flash developers will feel at home when they start developing with Gideros Studio.

Gideros Studio provides a set of functions and libraries for faster development. Using a few lines, you can create stunning animations for ebooks, games or generic applications. The following is a list of Gideros Studio SDK features:

  • Android and iOS platform support
  • Fully native, OpenGL powered implementation
  • iOS & Android plugins - native code support
  • 2D scene graph
  • Game & application analytics with Flurry analytics
  • Touch and accelerometer sensor
  • Automatic and precalculated texture packs
  • Audio playback
  • Scene transitions
  • Physics engine (LiquidFun/Box2D)
  • Movieclip library
  • Tweening library
  • Font creator
  • Font renderer
  • 30+ different easing (tweening) functions
  • Landscape and portrait modes
  • Global timer pause/resume
  • Sprites & sprite sheets
  • 32 bit textures
  • Texture atlas
  • Fast orthogonal tilemaps

With Gideros Studio, the resulting executable will look like any other iPhone, iPad or Android application. The performance of applications developed using Gideros SDK is comparable to, or better from those applications developed using other similar frameworks.

Gideros Studio can be used to build executables on the host (e.g your own desktop machine), without sending your application to another server for building. This saves a lot of time and energy, and you can be sure that your intellectual property will not be compromised in any case.

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